Pirates Rest provides 24/7 short term supported accommodation (respite) but we like to call time with us ‘retreats’. Its a bit more piratey! A retreat is a blend of respite and a planned program. We schedule every hour of the day from 6 am to 12 midnight (and overnight as well – hopefully sleep!) with specific planned activities for the young people who come to our service. We carefully design a day to meet the young person’s needs for training in:

  • self care
  • relationship building
  • pre-vocational skills
  • recreation and interest development and
  • new learning

Service Review & Reports

Each one of these life domains are supported and assessed for each participant on every retreat – so that a simple report providing quality feedback can be supplied to caregivers/participant on request to provide evidence of support and also the participant’s ongoing needs for NDIS Plan Reviews. If a young person attends Pirates Rest for 12 visits in a year, for example (once a month) – 12 short reports and an overall review will show growth, development and or further need areas to be supported. This is valuable information and ensures that the young person will continue to receive appropriate care for their needs under NDIS. We don’t charge for this – it is part of our normal service.


A balanced approach

Our programs have been designed by Toni Mehigan – Psychologist who has specialised in working with young people with disabilities.

At Pirates Rest we work on balance in life.

  • indoor AND outdoor activities
  • time on your own AND time with others
  • fun and adventure AND Mary Poppins style cleaning up and cooking
  • following your own interests AND try new experiences

At Pirates we believe we offer just the right amount of nurture and comfort with the right amount of exposure to new and challenging experiences – which is after all what every young person needs to find satisfaction and happiness in life. None of us are happy unless we grow.

When can we book in?

  • We offer weekend retreats from Friday 4 pm to Sunday 4 pm – with pick up and drop offs up to 1.5 hrs away. (Ingham, Charters Towers, Ayr)
  • We offer mid week retreats from Wednesday 9 am to Friday 9 am
  • We offer longer term support as well – 24/7 (tailored individual support – see Medium Term Accommodation)
  • Available for school holiday bookings.

Peer Groups

At Pirates we are into matching ages, stages and interests.

So that a sense of togetherness occurs and friendship can flourish.


Cool, fresh, clean and modern facilities – that feel like ‘home’ – with WiFi

Both of our sites have live in caretakers – specialist Child and Adolescent psychologists!

‘Famil’ Tours – check us out.

Call Rhianna on 0413 462 840 to arrange a tour of our facilities – and a meet and greet.

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