Pirates Rest aims to be the most responsive, supportive and delightful short term supported accommodation (respite) provider in North Queensland. Our in home support and social, community & recreational activities and SIL options aim to be responsive, compassionate and supported by highly motivated support staff.

Pirates NDIS Services was started in August 2018 by Rob and Toni Mehigan – a teaching and psychology duo from Townsville with 5 kids of their own and now 6 grandchildren. Our youth focus – aiming for fun – has attracted older and older people wanting to be young at heart. Originally our service supported kids from 12 -25 yrs – we have extended our respite to ages 8-35 in response to requests and our other services support all ages.


  • Fun, relaxation and friendship
  • Support for young people from 8-35 yrs of age- care and training 
  • Drop offs and pick ups up to 90 mins from Townsville can be arranged
  • A home style environment – with space – and peace and quiet, comfy beds 
  • Great workers who ooze energy, enthusiasm and fun
  • Brilliant creative activities both onsite and excursions
  • Healthy, delicious food and some terrible takeaways
  • Quality facilities – spacious rooms and living areas
  • An all inclusive service – no out of pocket expenses for great activities and excursions (social & community access built in)
  • And now…..online registration forms that participants/guardians can sign with a finger on a mobile phone!!! We’re excited too!


Why Pirates Rest? – Pirates are an interesting breed – they are a close knit crew and live by their own rules. We have come to expect fun and adventure and a certain humour with pirates. We like that!

We think young people deserve a name that doesn’t have ‘ability’ in it- constantly reminding them of ‘dis-ability’. Instead we’d like to be like a youth club that they’ll feel proud of. Language we know leads our experience and emotions. Try saying this… ‘I’m going to xxxxability this weekend’. Now say – ‘I’m going to Pirates this weekend!’


Well check our services TAB for what we are doing in Townsville.

Have a look below at what else we’ve been up to…..

Wonderland Retreat – North Tasmania – opened Jan 2018.

Wonderland Day Program – North Tasmania – opened Aug 2018

Pirates Rest – North Queensland – opened October 2018.

Wonderland Professionals – North Tasmania – opened Jan 2019

Pirates Professionals – North Queenland – opened Jan 2020

Wonderland Learning – online training support for Community Organisations – July 2020

On the horizon…

  • Wonderland Explorer Adventures (holiday adventures for young people with disabilities) 
  • Wonderland Publishing (creative stories to thrill, delight and amaze young readers)
  • Respite Retreat services for families

People who inspire us

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Want to be a pirate?

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